Anorak -  (aka Parka) hip length waterproof hooded jacket originally worn in extremely cold climate

Blazer - a lightweight single breasted jacket traditionally worn at school

Bolero - a very short jacket

Bomber - a jacket gathered into a waistband

Donkey - jackets worn by British and Irish workers made in Melton wool

Duffel (Duffle) - coats worn by British Royal Navy in camel colour made in water resistant Melton wool

Cagoule - lightweight waterproof Parka

Coatigan - a coat and cardigan combined usually in a loose fitting slouchy comfortable style

Loggers, cruising jackets, Mackinaws - coats worn in America made from cloth similar to Melton wool

Parka - jackets straight cut or jacket in warm thick material for very cold weather

Puffa (or Puffer) - a padded and or quilted warm jacket or coat

Pea - coats worn by sailors made in Melton wool usually navy, double breasted, broad lapels and short length

Reefer - coats and jackets similar to pea costs traditionally nautical navy double breasted in Melton wool

Windcheater - a British term for a heavy jacket