Alpaca - wool from the Alpaca

Boucle - has an attractive uneven knobbly effect

Brocade - thick heavy material with a raised pattern

Cashmere - wool from the Kashmir goat (or Vicuna) too soft on its own its added to wool to give shape and structure

Corduroy - cut pile fabric with ribbed lines usually made from cotton

Cotton - woven from natural cotton fibres

Crepe - soft thin light fabric with crinkled surface

Grosgrain - ribbed cloth used for trimming and ribbon

Harris Tweed - hand woven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland from 100% Pure Wool.  The Orb mark is pressed onto every length of cloth and seen on the traditional woven label affixed to finished items.

Melton Wool - a tight-woven woollen cloth with short, dense, non-lustrous pile

Nylon - strong synethetic fabric

Polyester - synthetic fabric

Raw Wool - natural unrefined unprocessed wool

Shetland - wool from sheep in Shetland Islands

Tweed - thick woollen material originating from Scotland

Wool - usually made from sheep's hair